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Straightforward HR Support and Advice

HR Support comes in many different forms, but ultimately it’s about adding value to your business. Whether you need to spend your time productively on other things, or you have a headache that you need dealing with, we will share our wealth of experience and expertise to create the right solution for you.

HR Support Packages:

With our HR Support Packages your business will:

  • Remain compliant
  • Get on-demand advice and help when you need it
  • Receive proactive support, with a plan to meet your HR priorities

We understand that not all businesses are the same and not all businesses require the same type of HR support. That’s why we’ve created 3 HR Support Packages so you can select the one that is right for you:

  • HR Assure (for compliance and to ensure you meet your responsibilities as an employer)
  • HR Maintain (for ongoing, on-demand HR support)
  • HR Develop (for those businesses who require proactive HR support to meet their business objectives)

If you need something different, then no problem. Tell us what you need and we’ll create a bespoke package that meets your needs perfectly!

Contact adam@petaurumsolutions.co.uk for more information call 01522 719438.

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Team Management Solution by Training-Progress is a unique system which allows businesses to track their team members’ training ensuring all are consistently trained according to the business’s own processes. The format is ideal for disseminating health and safety information and tracking completion of assessments.

Consistent working practices

Training-Progress ensures all team members are aware of and working according to consistent processes; eliminating the inconsistencies which can reduce customer confidence and team productivity.

Identify and correct knowledge gaps

Training-Progress ensures all team members have the knowledge required to perform their job role to the full.

Accurate communication

Training-Progress allows you to track acknowledgement of communications – no more ‘What email?’ conversations.

Excellent document management

The integrated document management system ensures universal access to up-to-date reference documents managed in line with ISO9001 expectations and use of ‘Hotlinks’ quick reference information.

Proof of training

Reporting systems provides proof of training for H&S and compliance schemes.

Change Management

Ensuring team members are aware of changing processes and that the changes are enshrined in the working life of the business.

Objective data

With quality data provided for appraisals you can clearly demonstrate where a team member is benefiting the business (keeping up-to-date and engaging in training their peers) and where they are failing to do so.

Save senior team members time

Devolving responsibility for training to the individual reduces line-manager training burdens; while recognising, supporting and rewarding ‘peer to peer’ training mechanisms.

All this through one simple interface which will save your team members’ time and improve business profits by ensuring consistency in your business processes.

Contact Info@Training-Progress.com for more information or call 01423 313323.

Website: www.training-progress.com 

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